Trident Underwater Drone Review

In this modern era of technology drones are trending all over the world. These drones are used by videographers, law enforcement agencies and weather forecast institutes etc. I know that you have witnessed somewhere drone is flying over you. As we all know that everything is getting modified day by day in this time of technology and innovations. This drone technology is now entering into a new era where after touching the heights of sky these drones are now exploring the seabed. Flying drones fly in the sky like birds and underwater drones swim in the depths of sea or rivers like fish. According to scientist 95% of underwater world is not discovered uptil now and this technology will play a vital role in exploring all these undiscovered depths.  This technology is very useful for the sea divers or for those who love to sea underwater creation and beauty of nature.

One of the best underwater drone used now a days is made by “SOFAR” a United States company and the product name is “Trident Underwater Drone”. Trident underwater drone is the state of the art model designed by SOFAR. Whenever a latest technology launched it is always heavy on your pocket to buy but this Trident underwater drone comes with a price tag of $1695 and it is a very reasonable price set by the company.

There is no limitation to operate this drone. You can use it in all types of waters (Sea water or Fresh water). 25 meter depth can be accessible by this drone model using standard tether or 100 meter by purchasing extra tether and it accelerates with a speed of 2m/ sec. This movement is backed by 3 motors which are brushless and heavy duty. It is also provided with an extra ordinary camera which is able to record 1080 HD videos at 30 Fps. This camera is capable of capturing dynamic and wide field of footages (FOV). Furthermore the camera is also provide with low light adjustment technology.

Handling of Trident underwater drone can be done by two method

  • The Cockpit App with dedicated JXD s192k all in one controller
  • By Smart Phone (Android) Using OpenROV app


This model is also enabled with Advanced Autopilot mood.

Researches shows that radio waves doesn’t work properly under water that’s why Trident underwater drone is provided with a 100 meter long tether which enables the drone to go at a depth of 100 meters.

Who is the Trident drone for?

Trident drone is cost efficient and user friendly product it can be used by various departments and people for research purpose or for enjoying the nature. Trident drone is suitable for

Rescue teams for search of drowned material and people

For monitoring underwater installations

  •  Aquaculture department
  •  Submerged Items
  •  Military
  •  Discovery Purposes
  •  Marine studies
  • Shipping
  • Who is the trident drone not for?


Trident drone is a latest technology for exploring underwater world and it is not for you if you lack all these

  •  Knowledge to handle the drone properly
  •  Proper precautions of health and safety
  •  Must have a clear goal for use of underwater drone
  •  Have basic knowledge of videography

Features of Trident Underwater Drone

Some of the best features of Trident Underwater Drone are:

  • Resolution of Camera
    Trident underwater drone is lodged with high resolution HD camera. It provides video recording in 1080p @ 30 fps. And if you want to see live video it provides video quality of 720p @ 30 fps. It provides wide angle field of view (fov) and it is efficient for working in low light under water.
  • Tether Strength
    Tether provided with Trident underwater drone has a capacity to bear weight of 100 kg. During deep sea exploring tether has to withhold high pressure of water flow and there will be a possibility of any hard hitting by sea creatures. That’s why tether is provided with high weight bearing capacity.
  • System Required for Handling & Control
    Trident underwater drone can be controlled by using android devices (Mobiles, Tablets & laptops). Device must be updated and have android version of 5.1 and higher. Using older version may results in limited access to all features.
  • Feasible Temperature Ranges
    Trident underwater drone can work in wide range of temperature conditions. It can work from below freezing temperature to high temperature without any effect on video quality and device performance. It can work best at temperature ranging from -2° C to 40° C and 28.5° F to 104° F.
  • Custom Payload
    This is an amazing option provided in Trident underwater drone. It has a capacity to take payload with it underwater. This payload may be sensors, modules or any other thing required. These can be fixed at the payload area of trident drone.
  • Brushless Motors
    This amazing drone is provided with brushless custom motors. These motors are specially designed for optimized working in saltwater. These motors also have capacity to perform efficiently in sand and sediments.
  • Easy to Handle
    Handling of Trident underwater drone is very easy and you can watch live streaming on your Trident controller over wifi. The signaling is done with the strong tether attached with the drone.
  • Unique Design
    Trident drone is specially designed in a ship like shape for easy movement underwater keeping in view speed factor. Camera is provided with a shield of hard sapphire lens to avoid any scratch on it.


Loaded with 3 brushless, low maintenance motors and it moves with a speed of 2 m/s (4.5mph/ 7.2 kph/ 3.89 kts). It can go to a depth of 100 meters (328 feet) with the help of tether.

Trident submersible drone has a weight of 3.4 kg for freshwater and 3.5 kg for seawater. If we talk about its size then dimensions of drone are: L (410mm) × W (205mm) × H (86mm).

Battery used in this device is 3S4P Li-NMC 18650 cells with built in PCM. It is UN 38.3 approved battery. Battery capacity is 95WH. For charging from 20% to 80% it takes almost 1.5 hours and from 0% to 100% it takes 3 hours. It requires 120 VAC and 240 VAC power for charging.

Its normal runtime is 3-4 hours on usage of normal operation (lights, autopilot mode). Its optimal power consumption is 30W.

Trident drone is lodged with 3-axis gyro, 3- axis magnetometer and 3-axis accelerometer IMU.

It is also provided with 1 cm resolution depth sensor which can also detect, calibrate and display the temperature. Battery meter and internal barometer are also provided in this machine.

Trident underwater drone is launched with forward facing 6 led lights 3 on each sides of the drone. Color temperature of lights is 4000K and 360 lumens.

Buying options of Trident Submersible Underwater Drone

As far as purchasing of trident drone is concerned you can purchase it online and from local market as well.

SOFAR is a well-known company and its products are available on different stores of SOFAR authorized dealers.

You can purchase online through

  • Direct company website
  • Amazon online market place

What’s in the box?

On purchase of Trident underwater drone with standard tether 25 meter you will get following in the box in 1695 dollars.

1.       Trident Underwater Drone

2.       Quick Start User Guide

3.       Charger and its cable

4.       Topside WIFI Module

5.       Two Weights for saltwater balancing

6.       Standard tether 25meter


Additional gadgets are also available but for them you have to pay additionally.

1.       Single Led Remote Control  ($ 395)

2.       100 meter tether ($ 295)

3.       Carry case ($ 245)


No there is no need of WIFI connection. To manage signals between drone and your device Trident topside establish its own WIFI. You only need internet to upload videos or to update device software.

Yes Trident underwater drone comes with a manufacturer warranty of 6 months. This warranty can be claimed against any manufacturing defect and workmanship. You can contact directly with company to resolve your issue.

No kindle fire can’t work perfectly to control Trident drone. It can be controlled by a mobile phone or tablet via OpenROV app. 5.1 android version or higher is needed for that purpose.

No there is no gps available in the device. For can guess the location by the position of your 300 meter tether.

No you can’t take photographs with Trident drone. You can record video or can watch live videos.

Every country has its own taxes and rules. You can estimate the tax amount you have to pay according to your country rules. These can be checked by different calculators available online. They will not show exact amount but it can provide you an estimate. Harmonization code for trident is 8525.80.5050. Some countries set different numbering scheme and last 4 digits may vary. If you will face this problem then use this code 8525.80.0000.

If you feel that your Trident drone get damaged or water goes inside its body then stop using it and never connect charger with it. Take extra care to transport and store lithium batteries. Place drone in dry place safely and contact with SOFAR customer support team.

Using different sensors Trident drone provide following in formation for pilots: depth, time, temperature, battery timing, pitch angle and available storage for video recordings.

Tether is abrasion resistant and can withstand a weight of 100 kg. It is powerful and yes it can be used to pull to trident out in any case.

Trident drone is provided with Lithium batteries. These batteries on a full charge can be used for 3 hours if all motors and lights work. If you use it partially and not driving too much then it can give a backup of 6 hours. It almost take 3 hours for full charging. Batteries life will not get effected as usage increase or decrease. They will give full backup time as per company claim throughout the device life.

What I Like about Trident Underwater Drone

Things I like in this Trident underwater drone are:

  • Camera specification are very good and live video option is an extraordinary feature
  • Excellent 3 hours battery timing is enough for one time underwater videography
  • Different sensors provided for temperature, depth, storage space and battery timing detection which can be visualized from outside water on control device.

What I Don’t Like about Trident Underwater Drone

  • Everything is not 100% perfect there is a space for improvement. Some points which I don’t like or I think there will be some improvements
    • Tether system should be modified to wireless signaling.
    • 3 hours battery charging timing is not reasonable in this modern time where fast charging is already introduced
    • Photographs option is not available, should be provided.


Trident submersible underwater drone is an extraordinary device with almost all latest features. It’s a best option in the market lodged with trending innovation and techniques. Camera quality, battery life, brushless motors and long tether are all features a drone lover search in normal price range. It’s one the best product available within this normal price tag.

Handling of this device is very easy and there is no customized skills and training required to drive this drone. Just a basic app controlling knowledge required, which everyone hold in this modern era.

If you are searching for underwater drone then no device will help you better than this Trident Underwater Drone.